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When it comes to arranging exports or import shipments within Europe, Alpharoute has a strong knowledge of specific industries.

Alpharoute is experienced and trusted by many clients spread over Europe to arrange the transportation of foodstuff (dry or fresh goods) as well as industrial goods. We are familiar with the handling of freight on pallets, in big bags, in containers, in IBC's, or loose. If it fits in a trailer, we have the ability and knowledge to handle it in a professional manner. Whether our clients goods are manufactured or not, dry, fresh or frozen, we have the resources to place the appropriate vehicle and trained driver at the right times and locations to load and deliver to their clients across Europe. 
Our portfolio reflects our "savoir faire" in each of the following sector of industries (% of turnover):
  • Food Industry: 28%
  • Recycling / Paper manufacturing: 22%
  • Packaging: 18%
  • Steel Manufacturing: 12%
  • Car Manufacturing: 9%
  • Other sectors: 11%
The large scale of Alpharoute's expertise within each of these industries not only allows us to weather the storms in difficult economic times, but also gives us the chance to improve our processes and competitivity, to the benefit of our clients.   

FOOD INDUSTRY: (represents 28% of our turnover)

We export and import groupage, part and full load shipments for several major UK and European food manufacturers who produce dry or fresh/frozen food. 

Alpharoute arranges not only shipments of dry food such as wheat, oats, cereals, jam, sauces, etc. which can be loaded with normal trailers, but also shipments of fresh or frozen goods (full loads only) such as chocolate, dairy products, cheese, ice cream, fruits and vegetable with fridge trailers.

We have handled both types of goods very successfully for a many years and our knowledge and understanding of this industry requirements is second to none.
Arranging and meeting booked collections and deliveries, ensuring that each trailer complies with the highest hygiene requirements while remaining very competitive are some of this industry challenges met by Alpharoute's staff on a daily basis. Also, Alpharoute's great capacity to respond positively to major seasonal fluctuations is key to our growing success in this sector of activity.

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RECYCLING AND PAPER MANUFACTURING: (represents 22% of our turnover)

Paper recycling is a growing activity and Alpharoute has a waste carrier licence to handle this type of freight in UK or across the continent. Drivers are trained to systematically strap/secure recycled balled paper as per our clients instructions to ensure maximum safety of personnel when offloading.
Our long experience of handling full loads of paper reels, delivered to newspaper producers or carton/cardboard manufacturers across Europe, make us one of the UK's specialist in this field. We work with several plants in UK and Europe. While this industry is very competitive and demanding, our service is recognised and appreciated by the renewal of contracts. 
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PACKAGING: (represents 18% of our turnover)

The plastic and packaging market (carrier bags, paper bags, disposable food wrapping, industrial stretch films) has changed dramatically in recent years. We successfully followed and adapted to our clients new products and requirements.

We work with several major manufacturers based in the UK and arrange groupage and full load shipments to France, Belgium, Spain, Germany where we deliver to supermarket distribution centres and major retail chains with very strict booking procedures and safety requirements.   
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STEEL MANUFACTURING: (represents 12% of our turnover)

From ingots to bars or coils Alpharoute is able respond on a daily basis to our clients with the adequate trailers and all the safety gear required for this industry.

The drivers are specifically trained to wear all the appropriate safety gear and secure each load as per our clients requirements to ensure maximum safety while in transit. We work with 5 major manufacturers/plants in the UK and export to France, Benelux, Germany, Spain and Poland where we deliver to rail manufacturers, tyre manufacturers and the construction industry. The steel industry requires constant adaptability to new markets and constant competitivity. These are two key factors of our success in this sector of activity.

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CAR MANUFACTURING: (represents 9% of our turnover)

On time deliveries to a production chain at a competitive rates is what our clients want and this is exactly what we deliver for them.

Our UK clients mainly import car parts from Spain, Belgium, France, Germany and Poland.
We arrange daily or weekly collections (groupage, part or full loads or milk run) from their European suppliers and ensure to meet all booked deliveries to their plants in UK.
Communication and reactivity in this industry is a must and whatever the conditions (last minute orders, time of the day, etc.), once Alpharoute has accepted an order we will collect and deliver when and where needed.
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OTHER INDUSTRIES: (represents 11% of our turnover)

We take great pride in our ability to learn, adapt and respond very quickly to new products and industries requirements.

While we have a great "savoir faire" with the above industries, we also work with the same great level of service and competitivity alongside many clients in the following fields: 
  • Aluminum (frames or powder)
  • Tyres (new or recycled)
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Horticulture
  • Wallpaper and paint
  • Shoes and garments
  • Glass and jars
  • Household cleaning products
Please contact us to obtain more details or to request a rate.
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